welcome home festivities

these past few days have been just perfect.

friday my husband came home after 6 long months. it's so silly to say, but i was almost a little bit shy when i saw him. it was a really nice feeling. i made one of those welcome home/name signs in arabic for him.

rami in arabic

i decided to have a surprise party for husband at kaza blanca grill in fremantle to show him that although he left his large, warm and wonderful family to come here just for me, there's another family here for him too. we had a whole mix of people, including my wonderful friend mademoiselle s, who was so kind as to round the troops, distribute party poppers and snap photos of the happy occasion.

customised banner
and, of course, there must always be cake. i ordered this one that i usually make rami share with me from greens & co in leederville.

i may have to make a trip to greens & co after work for more cake...