hello again

it's been a while since i've blogged! i feel like i've been caught up in a work related bubble, which is rather fun and new for me as it's been a while since work has become a big component of my life. it's been going so great, and i love the job. i'm so lucky to have a wonderful (and vast!) group of girls to work in my store. so many different personalities in one place doesn't always work out, but thankfully it is.

a brief update - i am 5kg away from my goal weight. friday will be my 10 month anniversary of my 'new' stomach. i would like to get to my goal weight by my 1 year anniversary, but i'm thinking of revising it by another 5kg or so. i can't believe i've lost 40kg. or 88lbs, it sounds so much better that way. it's been a lot easier to drop weight with little or no effort thanks to full time job which constantly keeps me on my feet and running around.

my husband and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary of our catholic wedding in late november. it was such a beautiful weekend and we had a few outings, which i'll go into detail at a later date. i was definitely very spoilt with presents from him. he bought me an ipad2 (which my dad kindly purchased a coordinating marc jacobs case for when he was in malaysia last week) and the most beautiful aquamarine (my birthstone) and diamond ring.

my 7 year old niece introduced me to the wonders of smurfs for my iphone, it's so much better on ipad

anniversary present with the bag that i carried to our reception a year earlier

i am so, so super excited for christmas! i have purchased the absolute perfect present for my husband, and i know he's going to love it. i did a heap of christmas shopping over my weekend and managed to find a stack of great gifts for my family and friends, including a few gifts for myself, from a great little shop near the suite called fly home.

i'm currently burning this in my room - it smells absolutely divine!

anyhow on that note, i probably should get to bed as i have to get up in about 7 hours. i have a long day tomorrow with work all day, then going to my nonnas/grandmothers for dinner, then coffee with some friends in leederville.

nighty night.