spring cleaning

today is officially the first day of spring, and as i have the day off work and the quest to procrastinate my university work as much as possible, i've decided to resist the urge to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and (yet another) spot of shopping, and stay inside and clean out my room.

exhibit a - evidence of hoarding

my husband will be coming home in 2 weeks so i want to make him feel like he married a great italian wife and clean our room, which has become a breeding ground for my hoarding habits. his bedside table is now home to my printer, so tomorrow will bring a very exciting trip to ikea with my friend miss hijabi. i love to ikea even if i don't have anything to buy, so it's even more exciting when there's a reason to go other than half price meatballs on tuesday.


  1. You are merely making space for new purchases under the guise of cleaning. I'm up to your tricks, young lady!

  2. the salmon sucked. that (french?) picture does not.

  3. MS - Haha you know me well. The cleaning has since stalled...

    MH - Yes that salmon did suck, and I'm sorry for making a shitty recommendation to eat at Ikea. They used to do better food (other than the meatballs).