so i'm rapidly approaching the end of a week off work where i had pledged to myself to plan things, to get organised, but instead spent it procrastinating and not getting a whole lot done. oh dear...

i wanted to put the final touches on my 30 before 30 (or 30x30 for short), as i've already commenced one of my challenges - no meat for a month. i would like nothing more than to eat a juicy, charcoal roasted chicken leg right now, but it's only been 10 days i'm sure i can last the other 20. very glad i chose a month with 30 days in it.

one of my challenges i had on my list was to do something daring or exciting, like skydiving. i have never entertained the idea of doing something so scary, so it'll definitely be something new for me.

i had the opportunity to learn of a wonderful charity during the week called the telethon adventurers, which was started by rick parish, who sadly lost his son elliot to cancer. it was so heartbreaking to hear his story, but at the same time incredibly inspiring to hear that he's doing so much to raise money for research to find a cure for childhood cancer. i don't think any parent should have to go through what rick and his wife emily have, so if there's any way i can somehow help them and their cause i will.

please make sure to check out their website.


30 before 30

i've just spent the better part on sunday afternoon in bed (i must invest in a comfortable sofa immediately) reading the rest of the hunger games and thinking about how skilled of an archer i could be. i saw the avengers last night, so i'm guessing it's both katniss and hawkeye who are sparking this question. i was thinking this potentially new found archery skill could become a part of a sort of bucket list of things to do before my birthday next year. 30 before 30.

now i know 30 isn't exactly a scary age, and 40 is the new 30 or something like that. but for me, i'm amazed at myself for having such trouble believing that i'm actually going to be 30 next year. while i know i've had a good life, travelled a lot, bought a lot, not had to kill another 21 people for the sake of survival or save the world, but i feel as if i haven't done enough. that i'm restless in a sense. so i figure a 30 before 30 would be a great way to inspire something inside me.

i've been perusing some lists on the internet and some, such as this one are filled with simple wishes such as visiting family or donating to charities. i think i will add some simple wishes on my 30 before 30, but i want something more. something bigger.

i might start here for inspiration. or here.


short and sweet

hello there.

i was going to make my first post back about my holiday, but i've decided to be lazy (typical me...) and just post a picture of my new impromptu haircut i received on tuesday afternoon at distracted.


holiday! celebrate!

so we're off on yet another holiday. another trip to the land of lack of responsibility and spending money on frivolous goods. sigh!

i shall leave you with this from back when adam sandler movies were actually funny and made sense:


we're in a magazine!

i'm so happy to see photos of our very special day (one of the three wedding days we had...) in the recent issue of cosmopolitan bride.

source - my photographer sarah kate dorman's blog

when i was looking around for inspiration for our wedding and my dress in various wedding magazines, i observed the following:

a) there were no fat brides;

b) the very few dresses that were featured for fat brides were incredibly ugly; and

c) there was actually a section in one wedding planning guide which requested how much weight the bride should lose before the wedding and how she would do it.

i think i was the only bride in history that didn't actually bother to lose a gram before her wedding day. i just didn't really see the point. my husband fell in love with me for who i was, not for what i looked like, and besides that he loved me just the way i was, so why did i need to change?

i guess now after my weight loss surgery and losing 46kg i am a little disappointed that all those beautiful photos featured a much heavier version of me, but i guess that i'll just have to make do with having a massive 30th birthday party next year, complete with photographer. and definitely another makeshift photo booth.


recipe - curried egg sandwiches

or sangwiches as i tend to pronounce them. for some odd reason a lot of australian-born italians can't say the word sandwiches. i didn't realise until i was about 19 and someone asked me to repeat what i said, and then kindly informed me there was no g in sandwich.

so anyhow! i recently celebrated my dear friend miss hijabi's daughters 1st birthday, for which i made food. all by myself. without any adult intervention or supervision. it was a miracle indeed! a recipe was requested, which i am totally amazed at. i can't believe someone a) liked my cooking and b) wants to know how to replicate it.

my curried egg finger sandwiches

curried egg sandwiches

6-8 eggs
full fat whole egg mayonnaise
curry powder (i use clive of india)
salt and pepper

boil the eggs, then transfer into a small bowl and run under cold water. peel the shells from the eggs, then using the back of a fork mash the eggs into smaller pieces. wait for them to cool down to room temperature, then add butter, a little whole egg mayonnaise (make sure it's the full fat one, otherwise the others are just gross), curry powder, salt and pepper and mix. adjust seasoning and condements according to taste. i personally prefer mine with a little curry powder.

cut the crusts off the sides of the sandwiches, then butter and spread curry egg mix all over. cut into little high tea finger size sandwiches and voila! you're done.