marhaba husband

in just over one week my husband will finally be in perth. finally! after 15 months of waiting for his spouse visa (yes i did type 15 that's not a typo) it's finally been approved. what a great ramadan and eid present it was for us both to receive word after so long. it's been almost 2 and a half months since we've seen each other, which is fine because i knew the next time we would it would be on a more permanent basis.

the last big stint we had away from each other is for 3 months almost to the day from march to june, which wasn't easy especially as i was dealing with the absence of many things - my nonno, husband, stomach, old lifestyle, energy. but i would almost do it all again to meet with him in paris as we did.

we stayed at the marriott champs-elysees, which upgraded our room to an amazing suite. we holidayed around europe together, visiting family along the way, enjoying every single moment together, celebrated our third wedding in algeria, honeymooned again in istanbul (i figured every wedding should be followed with it's each honeymoon - makes sense to me). it was wonderful.

people ask me all the time how is married life, but to be honest i don't really know. it's always been in limbo and now finally we can start it together.

i can't wait.


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