nobu perth

i think my favourite pastime is dining out. i blame my mother - it was her enthusiasm for going out lunching and high tea she took me on as a child. i couldn't even guess how much money i've spent in my lifetime on meals not cooked at home. and it's all totally worth it in my mind. plus i love any opportunity to add to my personalised signed copies of cookbooks that i'll never actually cook from.

last night was the opening night of nobu perth with my mum, sister and friend (it wasn't the official opening but i'm hoping to get invited to that...!)

menu cover

the service was outstanding! our waitperson, yooki, was so lovely and helpful, and made great suggestions.

seafood soup

i started with a seafood soup, while the others all had miso. this had just the right amount of chilli in it, the mushrooms were delicious and the seafood was perfectly cooked.

entrees - tiradito octopus, tuna tataki with tosazu and shiromi uzusukuri.

since my surgery sashimi has been a very good friend to my new stomach. i tend to eat it everyday while at work so i was more than happy to devour these. the octopus has a slightly chilli and very lemony sauce. it was the definite winner for the entire table. my mum is usually squeamish with raw or 'squishy stuff' as she refers to it, but actually tried the white fish and liked it! i should have told her not to so that there was more for us...

salt and pepper squid

this was a part of the token cooked section of our dinner - just for mum. the squid was so deliciously soft and very flavoursome. it was just the right mix of salty and chilli (i love how everything was just the perfect amount of spice)
prawn butter ponzu

this was delicious, i liked the prawns were cut up into bite size pieces (the menu at nobu is too extensive to just order one dish each - sharing is the only way to go!) you could definitely taste the butter and ponzu sauce. nice, but i much prefer the raw.

pork belly miso caramel

oh. my. god. i don't even know how to describe how insanely delicious this was!!!! it was so super, super soft and just delicious. this is an absolutely MUST! pork belly for me after surgery (yes, i know it does defeat the purpose of having weight loss surgery in the first place...) is a little difficult to eat because it's a bit tough, but this was as soft as butter. and probably contained the same fat content as butter. but so worth it.

black cod miso

this was a late addition to our dinner after a friend of mine who'd just dined there ordered it and said it was to die for, as did yooki. i know it looks like a piece of chicken teriyaki or something, but i can assure you it was the most buttery softest piece of fish that i have ever eaten in my life! i have another couple of reservations coming up at nobu in the next month, but i'm thinking of going in just for this. and the pork belly.

wagyu beef tataki

now i am a massive fan of beef tataki (especially wagyu) but have stayed away from beef as it's quite acidic for my stomach. this was unbelievably delicious! the taste was perfect. even mum tried some and really liked it. i am literally almost salivating just thinking about this.

we did order some other things that in my haste to put them in my mouth, i didn't take pictures of them. such as the scallops with spicy garlic sauce - perfect amount of garlic and chilli. they came served with a bowl of steamed rice. my sister and friend also shared a serve of prawn tempura sushi roll. the desserts looked very interesting, but we headed to rockpool instead. i will definitely give them a go next visit though.

nobu perth is the perfect place to dine for any post-weight loss surgery patients too (as long as you don't order the fried stuff and pork belly!) everything was so soft and the portion sizes were decent enough to share, but still small enough to order a few items and pick a variety.

all in all, i loved my experience. the service was excellent, the food was outstanding and i can't wait to return.

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  1. Ooooh delicious! Utterly devastated that illness prevented me from attending. Soon enough, though, soon enough!

    Also, as your dear friend in finances, I think you need to curb the dining out lest you end up in debt and bankrupt!

  2. MS - Don't worry, we'll be there soon enough! They called me today to confirm the reservation for next weekend and now the Sunday is already booked too! I'll just casually ignore the rest of your post... ;)

    MH - Haha yes, this may not be the place for you. That cod though was so delicious and not very fish tasting?

  3. hi, just came across your blog for the first time just now and noticed you had surgery for something?
    If you don't mind, could you let me know what it was? I myself had surgery nearly 2 months ago and am still experimenting what I can take and what I can't take :( such a shame.
    I would love to know how post surgery is like for other foodies out there :)
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hey :) Thanks for the comment. Yeah I had weight loss surgery in Feb - I had the sleeve. Which one did you have? Oh honestly it took me a good 6 months to find my feet in terms of what I could eat. A lot of things didn't agree. Perhaps I shall post about them! I would definitely recommend Nobu though for post-surgery dinner as it was all share style which is easier to handle, plus everything was soft, squishy and delicious. We should start a dinner group for us!