eid mubarak

wishing all my muslim family and friends a very happy and blessed eid al-fitr.

blue mosque, istanbul
i've taken the afternoon off work tomorrow so i can prepare for my eid feast that i'm cooking for my mum and friends. i'll need those hours to work out exactly how to make those little delicious cookies.


high tea fashion

this is what i wore to my friends high tea birthday luncheon. ever since my weight loss surgery it's actually been quite a struggle to sort out what to wear every day, especially when it comes to going out somewhere special. i should be over the moon that my old fat clothes don't fit me, but really it's quite troublesome. at least a bonus is that i'm a hoarder so all the old clothes that didn't fit me for years that i kept in my overstuffed wardrobes fit me now.

bag - ysl red clutch
dress - forever 21 navy and green spotted
cardigan - country road green cardigan circa 2007


hello there...


i have decided to get back to my blog after a long, 6 month absence. i've also decided to mix it up and change it around a bit. i think like it. i think the drab, old simple black was a tad reminiscent of my past and my past posts. i have toyed with the idea of deleting them as they have become irrelevant. the name is a childhood name my mother used to call me.

i will update more very shortly. (not in another 6 months hopefully)