we're in a magazine!

i'm so happy to see photos of our very special day (one of the three wedding days we had...) in the recent issue of cosmopolitan bride.

source - my photographer sarah kate dorman's blog

when i was looking around for inspiration for our wedding and my dress in various wedding magazines, i observed the following:

a) there were no fat brides;

b) the very few dresses that were featured for fat brides were incredibly ugly; and

c) there was actually a section in one wedding planning guide which requested how much weight the bride should lose before the wedding and how she would do it.

i think i was the only bride in history that didn't actually bother to lose a gram before her wedding day. i just didn't really see the point. my husband fell in love with me for who i was, not for what i looked like, and besides that he loved me just the way i was, so why did i need to change?

i guess now after my weight loss surgery and losing 46kg i am a little disappointed that all those beautiful photos featured a much heavier version of me, but i guess that i'll just have to make do with having a massive 30th birthday party next year, complete with photographer. and definitely another makeshift photo booth.