recipe - curried egg sandwiches

or sangwiches as i tend to pronounce them. for some odd reason a lot of australian-born italians can't say the word sandwiches. i didn't realise until i was about 19 and someone asked me to repeat what i said, and then kindly informed me there was no g in sandwich.

so anyhow! i recently celebrated my dear friend miss hijabi's daughters 1st birthday, for which i made food. all by myself. without any adult intervention or supervision. it was a miracle indeed! a recipe was requested, which i am totally amazed at. i can't believe someone a) liked my cooking and b) wants to know how to replicate it.

my curried egg finger sandwiches

curried egg sandwiches

6-8 eggs
full fat whole egg mayonnaise
curry powder (i use clive of india)
salt and pepper

boil the eggs, then transfer into a small bowl and run under cold water. peel the shells from the eggs, then using the back of a fork mash the eggs into smaller pieces. wait for them to cool down to room temperature, then add butter, a little whole egg mayonnaise (make sure it's the full fat one, otherwise the others are just gross), curry powder, salt and pepper and mix. adjust seasoning and condements according to taste. i personally prefer mine with a little curry powder.

cut the crusts off the sides of the sandwiches, then butter and spread curry egg mix all over. cut into little high tea finger size sandwiches and voila! you're done.

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