i'm the queen of it.

i'm supposed to be up doing an assignment (that's due today) and i have to get up early to take my niece to school and stay there for an hour with a classroom full on 6 and 7 year old children to parent help, yet i decide to update my dwindling blog.

the year so far has been amazing. absolutely amazing. so many different experiences and occurances. i believe i've truly found the right path to be on, and with the right person and people to be on it with.

uni is almost over for the year - thank god. i'm looking forward to getting into 2nd year stuff. i might pass the time during the next few months off with some french or arabic classes. i'd say the french would be more useful as i'm going to france in about 4 months!

i will have to kick off my exercise/healthy eating regime the day after i finish exams. i aim to go from the 5th of june to the 5th of september - almost like a personal biggest loser. i'm not looking to do anything drastic, as i'm pretty happy the way i am. i'd just like to increase my fitness, and figured now would be a good time as i only have to work part time.

anyhow i probably should get back to finishing off my school work. it's pouring with rain outside, and there's nothing better than falling asleep whilst listening to the rain...

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