my god i'm lazy...

i always forget about things, such as this blog. or forget to do things. i wonder what i'll be like if/when i get to 80.

so the time between last blog and this has been rather lovely. big things are happening - some i can disclose, some i cannot (i can't keep secrets very well, so we'll see about the latter)

i've returned to study and have changed my major from it (boring) to psychology (fabulous). it's so interesting and i love it. the slightly sad thing about it is that it makes me think i should have done this years ago, as psychology was one of my preferences when picking my year 11 and 12 subjects. oh well...i've had a pretty good time (most of the time!) between then and now, so it's not so bad.

my lovely cousin in new york asked me to be her bridesmaid in september, which is a great honour indeed. no trip to new york can be complete without a side trip to paris and london, can it? might even add montreal into the mix too. the shame is that the significant other speaks fluent french, so his linguistic talents would come in handy in both paris and montreal (and also someone to carry my shopping bags...)

i spent most of my last trip to europe with my camera in my hand, and this time with all the architectural delights in store, i am gearing up to do the same. instead this time i think i'll take my beloved dslr. i'm thinking of getting some lessons beforehand so that i can learn how to use it properly, not just the point-and-shoot/learn as you go method i've been using.

anyhow, i better get back to work. need to tone down this halloween-esque makeup i've applied today to a more suitable level for tonight.

au revoir/see ya/cheerio.

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