L is for lazy.

once upon a time i was a planner and an organiser, and sometimes a bit of a procrastinator. nowadays those first two facets of my personality are completely outshone by the latter. (unless i'm planning for a holiday - that i can still do with perfection)

it makes me feel incredibly lazy and somewhat disappointed that i don't do enough. sure i work, i help out the family, i try to do good wife things like cook for my husband (this should be a more common occurrence but sadly it's not!) now i'm just too lazy to commit to updating this blog, catch up with a lot of my friends, to start reading a book, too lazy to even commit to watching a tv show.

it's almost the end of another month already of, of another brand new year, and so far i'm living it the same as the last time i updated this blog. i will enjoy the rest of this month of nothingness and then start afresh come the beginning of the next. thankfully i have that weekend off work so i'll be able to actual execute this grand plan.

until then.

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