the suite life

aren't i clever with my play on words?

my first week in the real world of full time work has flown by. while on the most part it was great, it was also a mixture of exhausting, back aching and sometimes troublesome. nevertheless, i survived those first few uncomfortable days of employment limbo where you feel out of place with a twinge of regret for leaving your comfy comfort zone of prior employment for a brand new and scary adventure.

the girls at my old work took me out for small goodbye festivities after my last shift. we headed to the suite, which is another one of these small bar establishments that seem to be popping up all around perth. the more the merrier i say - who doesn't want a place where you can have a small savoury tapas-esque snack accompanied with a cocktail and even a little dessert? for us post-weight loss surgery folk, this is the ideal type of dining, where you feel like you've eaten a massive variety of foods without filling our tiny tummies to the point of no return.

another big reason why i like it so much is because the service is outstanding. there's a guy who works there who is fantastic! never forgets an order and is great at suggesting the perfect selection of dishes without being pushy, and is always happy to accomodate to my dietary requirements.

i also love the fact that it's open late! those of us who grew up in perth will remember there was nothing more to eat other than a macca's run or a pizza after 8:30pm in perth on a weeknight, so to see all these small bars opening so late mid-week and weekend is very exciting indeed.

on this such day we indulged in a delicious ploughman's board - a selection of charcuterie (french for deli meats deliciousness such as proscuitto), cheese, terrine, house pickles and chutney, served with bread and salad.

ploughman's board

the terrine was surprisingly delicious. i had had an awful first experience with terrine at the restaurant in the eiffel tower, le jules verne, so i was reluctant to try it. it wasn't too complicated in flavours and was quite nice. i don't think it's something you can eat a lot of. the proscuitto/coppa was so good, but then again i haven't quite met a piece of proscuitto i haven't liked (unless it's cut super thick - all good italians know it needs to be 'fino fino fino!') the cheese was delicious! from memory i think it was an aged cheddar, but i can't quite remember.

we also shared some of the chicken pate with sherry port jelly, served with toasted bread sticks and onion jam, which i didn't manage to snap a picture of. probably in my haste to eat it as quickly as humanly possible. i have a thing for pate at the moment, and this one did certainly not disappoint. it was whipped to perfection and super soft. i wasn't a huge fan of the port jelly ontop, but that's due to my dislike of savoury jellies. the bread sticks were thin crispy lavosh style crackers, which are the post-weight loss surgery patient's bread equivalent.

the ploughman's board and pate were decent enough of a post-work snack to keep us girls satisfied, but of course we had to add something sweet to complete our meal, as well as our daily calorie intake.

de-li-cious donuts

omg. these were so, so delicious i am seriously trying to think when is my next opportunity to go eat them. these churros/donuts were served in a lemony raspberry coulis with ice cream and chocolate sauce to accompany. thank goodness there were four of us to share so we only ended up with one each, otherwise i would have definitely eaten more than that! the raspberry coulis was thick and delicious, while the churros were fried to perfection.

definitely looking forward to returning sometime soon. even if it is just for the churros.

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  1. delicious dish.., this looks very tasty and looks very pretty on dining table...

  2. They were delicious! If only I could prepare food this fabulous tasting/looking...!